Life after an accident

Something a little different to my other posts洛
I do realise how lucky I am to have survived and not been left worse off since my RT accident 9 years ago but, sometimes it really pisses me off. And sometimes you need a wee moan.
I had knee reconstruction surgery last Dec (2018) and I’m almost 10 months post op. It’s been a long hard recovery, not helped by a number of other physical issues from same accident. I was told at least 9-12 months before a real improvement would be noticed and just lately I’ve begun feel a wee bit of extra strength in the joint. Ps in has lessened but I’m suffering from a lot of nerve pain. Still need to build up my quad as you can tell AND I love my scar😉

What a pair🤣


Short intro

My name is Clodagh, I’m 41( just recently😋) I am a professionally trained chef which I worked at for almost 15 years until a very serious RTA in 2010 between a Jcb digger and me and my motorbike put that to an end! I sustained some very serious life changing injuries, fractures to my knee, ankle, pelvis, hand plus a lot of nerve damage all of which to this day impacts on my everyday life. I’ve had a few surgeries to help improve my health. The most recent was Dec 2018. I had knee realignment surgery called TTO( tibial tubercule osteotomy) and after a long recovery, 9 months on I’m finally feeling some benefit. As I was unable to pursue my career as a chef, I endeavoured to retrain in the world of veterinary medicine as a vet nurse unfortunately, due to physical difficulties I was unable to complete my studies but although frustrated and angry with myself and my situation I managed to pick myself up. Onto the next challenge! I bought 13 ewe lambs from a neighbouring farmer and began my ovine adventure🐏🐑Being from a farming background and loving all things animal and nature I took to it like a duck to water 😀 That was in 2016 now heading into my 3rd breeding season my wee flock is growing nicely and although I struggle with a lot of jobs around the farm I manage with the help of my husband Alan Duffy and I’m also lucky my father is still in great health to help and offer wise words. I’m not wishing 2019 away (it’s been a really rough year), but I am looking more positively to 2020. AND I’ve not given up the bikes!🏍I’m one of a small group of women in Ireland who participate in motorbike racing. Another reason I can’t wait for next year as I’ve not been able to ride this year.This is my first blog I don’t even know if I’ve got it right. But hey ho🤗

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